sustainable energy for manufacturing

We recently moved our shop location to a much larger, more well-suited building for our manufacturing. We've been looking at ways to increase our sustainability. I found these panels online recently:

Four 300w 36v solar panels, one Mk. 5 Experimental for scale

The really cool thing about these panels is that they put out 36v @ 8 amps each, which makes them directly compatible with the 36v Mk. 5's battery. That totals 300 watts, and assuming 5 hours of sunlight a day, one of these panels can supply the energy for 30 to 60 total miles of range to a trike, on a daily basis. I foresee these panels actually supplying the shop with power, but it's still a feasible idea that one of these panels could be set aside specifically for charging a 36v trike battery. If this is something you, as a customer, would be interested in, let me know because it will influence how I go about using these panels.

Beyond this, if we end up with two more sets of panels like these, our entire production will be 100% run from solar power.