Madison Trip 1

I took a trip out to Madison to visit a friend from high school, on one of our Mk. 5. I took the long route, though - Starting in West Bend, south on the Eisenbahn, over to the town of Cedarburg, about 30 miles south on the Ozaukee Interurban Trail, then west about 100 miles on the Glacial Drumlin Trail straight to Madison. I ran into a young DNR officer on the way there (he's about my age and I'm 25), who was patrolling the trail - he'd never seen an electric trike like mine before, and we talked for a solid half hour on the possibilities of patrolling on a trike. I charged overnight in Madison and the next day, took the same route in reverse, this time with my cameras rolling. This was on my reverse route, rolling past Brady Beach in Milwaukee, on Lake Michigan. I was about 6 kWh into the total trip's discharge at this point, and maybe 120 miles into the day's ride:

The GDT is a gorgeous trail, though portions of it are unpaved - but even these portions were nicely graded, allowing me to ride at my speed of preference. Downtown Madison was quite the adventure (though Milwaukee is bigger, I have experience riding the Mk. 5 in Milwaukee) and I got lost a couple times, so this portion of the ride turned into more exploration than transit.

In total on this ride, I used about 8.2 kWh (a little over one charge on the 7.2 kWh Super I was riding, counting both directions) and drove just over 300 miles, averaging between 15 and 30 mph on the trails and keeping up with traffic in both Madison and Milwaukee.