Mark 5 Super - 8.1 kWh, 60 mph top speed, 360 mile range


Mark 5 Super - 8.1 kWh, 60 mph top speed, 360 mile range


This trike holds records for both top speed and range in this vehicle class. It out-ranges all vehicles made by companies like Stealth, Stromer and Outrider by at least 100 miles of range and 10 mph of top speed.

The Mk. 5 Super consists of the most extreme electronics and mechanics packages possible to build into an electric trike. This vehicle has a wide-eyed, heart-pounding 60 mph top speed when the restrictor is turned off and can be equipped with enough batteries to yield a record-setting 300+ mile range. This outranges many other electric bikes with the Mk. 5's charge indicator still reading full - and is able to outrange the Tesla Roadster's 245 mile range by 115 miles when the batteries have seen their charge through. That effectively makes this vehicle the longest range electric vehicle currently on the market.

This trike comes standard with a seat riser (4" rise), a frame mounted battery, headlight and taillight package, an APM display cycle computer, a charger and a rear rack capable of carrying any Topeak rack bag (included) - or an auxiliary battery pack for up to 120 miles of additional range. It will come out of the crate preassembled with a discharged battery for safer shipping.

60 mph top speed when unrestricted, but with a programmable speed limiter. 88v Li-Mn battery made by Blue Line Batteries mounted on the frame.  16" wheels in the front with disc brakes, 24" wheel in the back. Seven speed.

All trikes come with a helmet! Drop us a note for your helmet size when ordering, or we'll send a medium helmet as default.

We also include a Mobius ActionCam and several camera mounts with each trike. These cameras get GoPro quality footage but are much smaller than GoPro's.

Expect 30 days between payment and shipping, but we frequently get these dispatched earlier than that. Freight shipping to anywhere in the continental US is free.

Trikes ship out with a 750 watt maximum power limit set on the controller. Change this power setting at your own risk! Study and abide by your local law!

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