Your overall rating?: 5/5

Review: When I got my Plus I was super excited. I started charging the battery right away and began looking everything over. Crisp, clean, and begging to be ridden. To be honest I just sat in the seat for a while, while it charged-which is surprisingly comfortable. When it was all charged up I took it outside and started pedaling to get a feel for the handling (no power yet). It felt a little goofy being raised above the battery but I got used to it quick. After going up and down the street I turned it on and gave it just a bit of throttle as I rode and it immediately gave me a boost. I got up to a decent cruising speed and had a bunch of throttle left. I rode it for who knows how long (probably an hour or two) before I had to get back home and it is something awesome.
Let me start with the negatives:
1. It's bumpy when you're going fast over rough terrain. With a top speed like it has it could do with some suspension if you are off road.
2. You can go fast enough that the elevation above the ground means it starts tipping if I take a turn hard at high speed.
1. That whole tipping point in the negatives? Countering that by leaning into the turns makes me feel like I'm racing in a super-cross race. It's awesome.
2. Speed. This thing goes fast like it's nobody's business.
3. If I get tired of pedaling, I flick my wrist and I'm back at speed. No worries.
4. There's no lack of acceleration. I've surprised car drivers when I take off from a full stop and keep up with them.
5. It's clean and quiet. I can drive at night without worrying about disturbing the neighbors and it doesn't put out a bunch of pollution.
6. To my surprise, it's really comfortable. Even after bumpy roads I stand up and feel great. It's like a recliner that drives.
Overall I'm very happy with my trike. It's fast, reliable, and packs a punch. If you're looking for a fun vehicle to get to and from work or just to cruise for a while, this is the best deal I've seen and it exceeds my expectations.

What do you like the most?: It's fast and has plenty of power. I also never worry about running out of battery because it's got plenty of juice. I'm not reaching the maximum range, but I also punch it with full throttle every chance I get and still get 100+ miles on a charge easily.



Your overall rating?: 5/5

Review: Enjoyed the entire experience. Was surprised how easy it was to pick up. Very intuitive controls.

What do you like the most?: The speed was phenomenal- I really enjoyed how quick it was.



Your overall rating?: 5/5

Review: After doing a couple mile test drive with the trike I honestly didn't want to stop riding. The power and responsiveness of the unit as well as the ability to run and run without losing power is insane. I own a 1100cc Yamaha V-star bike and the thrill and adrenaline I get from riding I found was the same when I rode the Trike. Difference however is that fact that this can be rode on a trail legally due to its setup which enables you to enjoy the outdoors and the mobility of the trike at a whole new level. Honestly one of the best products I have tested out to date.

Great job on the development of a fine product that holds up to its talk. Look forward to seeing where the company pushes the trike lineup through their development and upgrades.

What do you like the most?: I like the freedom that you get from riding the trike and that its small and agile to go pretty much anywhere you take it!

What model do you have?: Mk. 5

Your overall rating?: 4/5

Review: Overall a delight to use and drive.
The positioning of the seat is ideal and comfortable allowing for long periods of extended use with little discomfort. The ability to switch between man and motor power causes an experience I can describe with no word other than exhilarating. 


Your overall rating?: 5/5

Review: I test drove one of odysseys higher end models for an hour or two and fell in love with it. It was nice to be able to switch betweem good excercise and an electric thrill ride. I look forward to purchasing my own trike.

What do you like the most?: Being able to have the option to switch between a nice excercise and a crazy 60 mph electric vehicle.