We're a tech company, not just a bike manufacturer. We're in the process of developing new 3d printing technologies that we'll be testing on our prototypes first, then bringing to market.

Our current area of focus is twofold - we're working on increasing our print volume (to make larger objects) while utilizing stronger materials.

The above picture is of our prototype large-bed 3d printer, which went online 6/16/2016. We designed and built this unit ourselves and are currently starting to experiment with printing entire trike frames and other structural designs, using exotic materials like carbon fiber.

We are proficient with mechanical and electrical design work, and we generally have 3D printer machine time available. Let us know if there's a project we can help you with!

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Length (mm) X Width (mm) X Height (mm). For reference, our largest build platform is 850mmx750mmx990mm
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